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(FCI   -  Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce )

I was born 08.06.1968 in Lublin (PL).  
When I was a child I falled in love with animals especially dogs. I knew that  the names and age all our neighbor dogs lived in my family surrounding

The first my dog became to us when he was two years old. It was black poodle medium size . His name was Kuba. Kuba wasn't socialized and he was a very difficult my best friend. Kuba died in 14,5 years of his age. It was amazng time in my life. He tought me dogs are many times more clever and smarter  of the poeple. He provoked me to learn grooming. With him I attended to Warsaw for grooming lessons . The magnificent teacher was Ewa Nowak - Merkambertaner kennel. Of course my first  black standard  bitch became from her. It was KUMA FATIMA Merkambertaner born 14.III.1991. She starts my adventure with Standard Poodle breeding. There is no place enough here to write everything about Fatima. You have to believe me SHE WAS INCREDIBLE intelligent and almost like Human.              


When my mating journey to snowy Finland  was my fall  my Finnish friends Anita & Pena Honkanen and Mari Hasu helped me to find me my second standard. He was magnificently beautiful black male born 05.
V.1993 in Mynamaki in Finland . It was Wild Wine FITZGERALD.
Anita was my teacher and good spirit of poodles .
Later was Fatima's doughter: FIONA EMMA Nontiscordardime born 05.VII.1995 and covered with Fitzgerald . The result of this mating was the next brod bitch in my kennel. Her name was CUMA FATIMA Nontiscordardime born 04.VII.2001. She was a mother of BROCCA FATIMA Nontiscordardime born 27.XII.2005 who was a mother of my actual brod bitches ABADONNA  &  ALLEGRETTA both born 03.VI.2009.
actually kennel has also four available sires (reproductors) : 
DIODORO in Czechy
You can meet all these dogs inside my website. Welcome.
Nontiscordardime Kennel has already given 6 generations of black Standards and start to test them in PL in SA PRA HD and ED directions .
Besides the history of my standards I became a vet doctor and  I opened my grooming saloon in Lublin. No husband and no children.
I am  really happy  that  I can earn money with the best job on  the world - GROOMER !!!  
Iwona Guz


dogs from the left:BAGGIO,BASSIANA,AZAZELLO,BROCCA,ALLEGRETTA,SAMANTA,ABADONNA,BIRINOhttp://www.poodles-in-scandinavia.comwww.mypudel.dewww.planetpoodle.deBEST IN SHOW BEST BREEDER Heinola FIN 2015 Judge:Juha Putkonen  AZAZELLO,EMMA FIONA, EMETTO & ETAAVIOABADONNA